My name is Lauren Reid and I am studying a Bachelor of Design (Branded Environments) and Bachelor of Media and Communications (Social Media). My personal design ethos is based strongly around the concept of collaboration, sustainability, reutilising, and functionality in any project I produce. My concept of collaboration is based around the idea of restructuring to fit in with the client’s needs, which as a designer is always changing, and therefore having more input, ideas and challenges to those given will always improve the design outcome.

In the future I would like to be a designer who focuses on projects either in retail or event spaces, who creates designs based on function as much as on aesthetics, as one should always balance the other in order to achieve a design which is both engaging and practical. These designs will also incorporate sustainability and reutilising of materials to create projects which enhance their space in an eco-friendly manner, as we need to nourish and appreciate the spaces we design in and help them have an impact on the community in a positive manner.