My name is Claire (Dao) Nguyen, studying Bachelor of Design major in Branded Environments and Photomedia at the Swinburne University of Technology. My design ethos is to create work that connects people to their surroundings and to themselves. It communicates with people as well as for the brand it represents. I aim to create a space that is memorable, decreases environmental effects, and communicates an idea, entity, or emotion that leaves people feeling inspired.

I am able to work well on different aspects of a design, such as the visual and the practical, because I have experience in two separate design majors. I design work not just to be visually appealing but also to be functional.
In the future, I hope to create works that assist the community connect, improving, and, most importantly, building a design that embraces the culture. In addition, by combining sustainability methods and recycled materials into the projects, these designs will be eco-friendly.