My name is Yuxin Gao. I am studying a Bachelor of Branded Environments Design. I hope to meet the needs of more people through my design. I focus on design concepts that are sustainable, refined, purposeful, aesthetic and engaging. During the three years of undergraduate study, I also tried other designs, such as animation design, graphic design, interior design, web design, packaging design and AR sticker design. I find that I have great potential, and I am very interested in design. I believe I can try more design fields.

In China, I helped the school design billboards, logos and floor plans. I love exploring all kinds of new materials. I also learned a lot about sustainable materials through participating in interior decoration and outdoor construction. Sustainable materials will become more varied and widely used.

In the future, I want to engage in activity design and site planning, based on practicality, to make a positive impact on my works through aesthetics, environmental awareness and sustainability. Use details to make more good designs.