Hey there, I’m Jin – a fresh Communication Design Honours graduate from Swinburne with a keen interest in everything creative. As someone who grew up moving across various countries, my exposure to new things eventually translated into a strong desire to create and learn. Throughout these 4 years in university, I've completed a multitude of assignments and personal projects that have accumulated into a diverse collection of skillsets. Although this course was heavily focused on publication design and branding outcomes, I've learnt to work in newer areas such as VR, AR, web design, motion design, video-editing and 3D modelling to leave myself flexible towards any tasks.

More recently I had the opportunity to work in Swinburne's student-led design studio, the Design Bureau, as their junior web and UX designer. There, I was able to gain first-hand experience on interacting with clients daily, all whilst having the opportunity to learn about collaborative and productive workflows. This has left me feeling prepared to venture into the industry as I continue my steps towards a full-time career, hopefully making a significant contribution to the future of the design world.