Being creative has been a passion of mine since I can remember. Born in Malaysia, I spent my first nine years in Kuala Lumpur before moving to Melbourne. I loved (and still do) to write stories, build my own worlds, illustrate and explore handicrafts. My grandmother was a special person in my creative path, as I have many fond memories of painting and drawing with her, which fueled my love for art.

Despite this, I did not see this path as a career choice for a long time, leading me to jump to all sorts of future ambitions, from teaching, chemistry and even acting. It was only in my mid-late teenage years that I realised I could truly turn my passion into a career, which was when I pursued design.

It has been an eye-opening journey venturing into the world of design, experiencing how much deeper it goes beyond visuals and aesthetics. I have enjoyed expanding my illustrations practice (from the traditional hand techniques I am most familiar with to digital mediums), developing my skills in publication design, brand identity and art direction. I am also a very open-minded designer and eager to explore other design facets such as 3-Dimensional design, animation, web and user experience.

A significant aspect of design I love is when I have the opportunity to express a message about an issue I am passionate about. I am particularly motivated by mental health, body image and cultural expression. I am excited to make a difference and inspire others through my creative work.