Huda started her journey as an interior designer, and continue to pursue her studies in MBA in and eventually come back again for a second master's degree. Here in Swinburne she enrolls in Master Design Strategy and Innovation and change her course to Master in Design due to her interest in design studies.

"Going away from aesthetic values and embracing the beauty of systems and reasoning (strategic thinking), I felt there's a need to combine design and organization, they are both interrelated and need each other."
These are the words that carry her on to accomplish her personal educational achievements.

Previously Huda have worked as an interior designer in an architect firm, took upon administrative and strategy work in an educational institution and tutoring for design subjects in her alma mater (UiTM Shah Alam). She also have a hidden skill of horseriding and coaching.

" I don't know what I will do next, but I hope it will be something where I'm able to practice all the knowledge and skills I have acquire. It will be something exciting."