Brandon Alas Reyes, is an Industrial Designer, who was inspired to take up this career due to his passion for drawing.

Mid-way through 2017 Brandon, joined the Swinburne community and has learned about the design process, sketching and digital programs, that have helped enhance his design skills and learn new ones.

During the end of 2018, Brandon had the opportunity to travel with a group of designers to Europe through a study tour from Swinburne University. Visiting Germany, Switzerland and Italy was a great experience, which showcased him a snippet of what the world of design was like outside of Australia.

In the beginning of 2020 Brandon did an over-seas internship with Expedio design (through Swinburne University), which is a design company that specialises in bringing great ideas to life through a blend of strategy and multi-disciplinary design. Brandon was also able to visit Singapore and Thailand where he visited famous buildings and ancient sites.

These abroad experiences have enhanced Brandon’s perspective of other cultures and developed invaluable skills such as teamwork and an appreciation for other cultures.

Outside of the world of design Brandon is also passionate about sports and enjoys learning about world history.