Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I fell in love with offbeat indie music, conceptual art and avant garde fashion. With aspirations of becoming a Figure Painter, I attended Alberta College of Art and Design soon realizing that this was not my intended path. Being a person of reason, I needed to find a creative outlet that also served my desire for function. I have always loved space, the way it could be transformed and molded, how it changes, morphing from calm quiet into an bustling atmosphere and how we interact with space itself and people within these spaces.

Interior Design was a way for me to be creative and functional. Curating spaces unifying form and function together into a visual indulgence of simple complexity with an emphasis on reconnecting people and community. Spaces that we inhabit through interior design and architecture become solutions to complex social problems and a way to impact change on how society operates. Our connections extends beyond physical walls to the nature around us, as designers we need to considers all inhabitants of equal importance recognizing our interdependency and designing for all that reside on this planet we call home.