From a young age, I have always had creative interests in visual arts, and illustration continues to be a passion of mine. High school introduced me to the world of design, and from there kickstarted a new passion for me. Design was a new avenue for my creativity and a way for me to apply my skills to the practical world.

Commencing my Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture in 2018, my journey has led me to develop a solid skillset in conceptualising, modelling and visualising architectural designs, as well as shaping myself as a designer. Being very detail-oriented, I enjoy carefully considering minute elements and their role in the larger scheme of things, the constant dialogue between the large and small, interior and exterior. Despite all that the past 2 years have thrown our way, I continue to have a great love for learning new things and challenging myself with new experiences. I love what I do and am very excited to see where my journey in Interior Design & Architecture takes me next.