My name is Vyanne and I am a student studying Interior Design at Swinburne University of Technology. I am an outgoing and social person. Hardworking, passionate and personable are words that best describe me.

During the start of my first year I admit that I wasn’t as interested in Interior Design, but slowly I began to grow a passion for this and the whole process that comes along with when creating a space.

I tend to lean towards more creative in the artistic department, meaning that art pieces/ sculptors are an inspiration, which reflects onto my designs.

I am enthusiastic toward projects and like the idea of combining art and design together. When designing I try to incorporate art designs in anything I am able to, I try to include a feature piece in each space I design in.
‘Big and bold’ designs are the main inspirations for me, especially those involved in lighting design.
I do appreciate all areas of design but I tend to lean towards more lighting design, as I discovered that this was a passion of mine.

In the projects that I have done over the years my designs have gradually increased in both rendering skills and lighting, I try to integrate a bespoke lighting piece in most of me designs as well.