Over the last 6 years, studying my Bachelor of Interior Architecture, and prior to that my Certificate IV in Interior Design and Decoration, I have learned a great number of skills that I have and will continue to be able to take further into my professional life. From learning about the history of both interior and exterior architecture, I have been able to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of where design has been able to lead us to today. As well as learning the fundamentals of design, reaching a greater level of understanding for the technical aspect of design and documentation has been extremely beneficial to me as part of my work. Currently, as I work in the commercial furniture industry, my educational background has enabled me to better understand the work that I do, as well as the clients I deal with on a day-to-day basis. My exposure to the industry has given me the tools I need to excel in future prospects.

Going forward, my interest in design lies in Retail and Hospitality where I believe there is a lot more creative freedom. I have always been the most inspired by a beautifully designed restaurant or bar, or an intricately crafted store.