Hi there!
My name is Caitlin Stanley, I am in my third year undertaking an
Undergraduate degree in design co-majoring in Communication and
Motion Design at Swinburne University of Technology.

I would love to work for a design studio focused on branding and
advertising located in Melbourne to gain experience in industry. I
thoroughly enjoy all aspects of both the majors in my degree but I love
doing more digital based designs so I believe working at a studio where I
can explore and refine those skills would be amazing. I also love branding
and expressing brands in visual forms, I find that it pushes me to look at
design in points of view other than my own allowing me to see through
the eyes of clients and bring their ideas to life.

Growing up I was raised by the beach, I love dipping my toes in the water,
feeling the waves wash past my ankles, it allows me to clear my head
bringing me back to thinking creatively. Another passion of mine is music!
Whether thats singing my heart out in the car or dancing terribly with my
friends. Bonding over music can create some amazing connections, I love
how a song can change my mood in an instant. I would love to somehow
incorporate my passion for music into my career as a designer at some
point in the future as I believe representing music in a graphic form would
push me to think completely outside the box!