Nicole Brimblecombe is a Motion and UX design graduate. Whilst at Swinburne, she has had the privilege of working on some rewarding projects. Some of which include;

The 664 Collins St, Melbourne Media Wall for MIRVAC. A series of abstract generative art installations created by Swinburne design students to be displayed on MIRVAC's nine by nine-metre screen located in the foyer of their 664 Collins St, Melbourne based office building. (Next door to Southern Cross Station). These rotating generative art pieces had to depict through narrative what a "Lifecycle" is. (Lifecycle being a core value to MIRVAC and a part of both their mission and vision). The pieces that were created were all animated using code from real-time and/or regularly updated datasets.

The early prototype initiative titled "Aquaform" to help educate the general public about how water travels in an endless process/cycle across land and sky for the client Melbourne Water. This project addressed how certain environments can adversely affect the functioning of this cycle, discussing preventative solutions to reduce the wastage and pollution of water. Our vital resource.

Nicole's interests and passions include illustration, coding and animation. Creative from a young age, she lives by the design philosophy of industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa by creating works based on 'instinctive response' and 'subconscious behaviour'. While also keeping the planet in mind.