My name is George Tsiagalos and I am a recent graduate of Swinburne university. Over the past 5 years I have been working and studying as a Product Design Engineer. During this time, I have learnt many skills that have helped me develop my own personal design profile. Being proficient in conceptualising new innovative ideas that have helped me create digital designs and products that can be used in everyday life. My placement at Cablex allowed me to further my knowledge in product development and produce solutions that would become available to the market. I have worked alongside other talented engineers which has enabled me to expand my teamwork skills and become a effective team player. I am a flexible and innovative thinker that has a way of coming up with creative product solutions that are suitable for clients. I want nothing more than to extend my current knowledge in the field so that I can continue to take on new ambitious projects in the future. The products that I have designed cater to my client’s needs and help solve any issue they intend to solve. They are creative, stable, and reliable products that suit my client needs.