An observant person completed with Architects personality trait and eyes for detail that sees good design as something that tells a story, a character and a 'hope' but backed with technical, rigour and logical thinking that puts everything together. A designer that believes in the goodness of the process and the curation of design that tells the journey in finding design solutions. A graduate from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia; awarded the degree of Master of Architecture and Urban Design with High Distinction.
Recipient of Dean’s Inaugural full scholarship on academic merit with relevant professional experience in project management, project administrative assistant, documentation of residential development projects, and freelance model making/drafter roles. A new generation of designer that believes in the beyond sustainable worldview: a design towards circular economy and the new regeneration era (yep, that's my ecosophy).
An active social media platform user such as youtube, instagram and issuu to showcase some of those relevant works in the hope for helping and inspiring other architecture students (or..probably just the fact that I love social media and I love to share! :D ).
An urban designer in the making with a bright path (I hope so) and significant skills (I believe so ;) ) in urban data collection for projects and research purposes.
Your average five foot four inch tall woman with interest in architecture, urban design, books, writing and video creation.
Check my issuu page/ youtube channel to see more of my work!