My name is Amy Rodda & in June 2021 I completed my Master of Architecture & Urban Design [MARCHUD] degree with a High-Distinction Weighted Average Mark and a 4.0 GPA in my final semester. I am also a recipient of the 100% Dean's Inaugural Scholarship.

My graduating thesis, Interactive Memory, was centred around multi-sensory design with the idea that by ensuring that our urban realm uses multi-sensory agents to create transient atmospheres that evoke sensory responses, we can create more memorable places, thus creating inclusive design for all.

In addition to being part of the first MARCHUD cohort at Swinburne, I have played an active role in Swinburne Architecture Students Association [SASA]. SASA advocates for supportive and innovative social experiences within the FHAD community. I have been part of SASA from its inaugural committee as both the club's secretary and as the club's event manager.

Outside of Swinburne, I have 2+ years experience as a Revit Structural Draftsperson at Indesco Pty Ltd. In this role, I was promoted within my probationary period, which eventually resulted in me being the Precast Documentation specialist of my team, due to my ability to work efficiently & effectively in order to strive for excellence.

I also have an invested interest in interdisciplinary design thinking - whether that be architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, industrial design, graphic design or engineering, etc. - as I believe that it is through reintegrating interdisciplinary design thinking that we can best solve complex challenges such as sustainability, durability, place-making, integration and inclusionary design thinking.