Hi, My name is Ying Kai Chen! I am a recent graduate from the masters of architecture and urban design from Swinburne University.

I believe that great designs come from the thorough testing of ideas and research, as such a lot of my work consists of exploration through the use of computational ideation, diagraming as well as sketching. My time at University has not only given skills in the use of software but also made me very comfortable with working within a collaborative environment with my peers as I have done so during my studies but also during work In the industry and as a volunteer.
I have volunteered for many organisations in the past such as national trust and the Robin Boyd Foundation.
My experiences have given me invaluable knowledge and insight in interacting with members of the general public where I have used my knowledge to introduce them to the world of arts, architecture and design.

Furthermore, as a design student and as a creative person I have many arts and craft skills. I am highly proficient in drawing and sketching both traditionally and digitally in addition to skills in sculpture/ model making work as well as photography.