I am an urban designer / architect from Vietnam, who used to work as a Concept Designer for various urban planning and hospitality projects in Southeast Asia. During nearly three years of professional practice, I have been given opportunities to work with top designers / stakeholders in the region and to take part in high-class projects which has achieved prominent awards. Specifically, one of our recent developments – Le Meridien Cam Ranh Bay was rewarded The Best Universal Design Development 2018 by Vietnam Property Awards, in which I worked as a general landscape and lighting concept designer. This project has been published on Kien A Corp.’s website, who is the project developer (https://www.kiena.vn/vi-vn/le-meridien-cam-ranh-bay-resort- spa).
Throughout my studying and working, I have been interested in exploring human insightful feelings about the places and the beauty of social cultures in relationship with spatial organising, I have always been trying to illustrate the regionally cultural traits in my work, which, I believe, do contribute and increase the social and humanise quality of architectural and urban design. Once again, in my master final project, using the site’s unique functional characteristic as the core for a user-led design process, the project studied about the psychological aspect of the users and proposed a better public space design to suite the introverts.
With my ability and interest, I believe after finishing Master of Architecture and Urban Design program, I can continue developing a practical and efficient method for a novel culture-led and user-focus design workflow, which can be applied in the context of countries with diverse culture and tradition, especially Australia, for a better and more sustainable future.