A recent graduate of Master of Architecture from Swinburne University of Technology. During my masters, I have gained new experience and wide range of new skills/programs. I have engaged in a range of projects, starting from small residential units to larger master-planning level.

Prior education completed within my journey are Advanced Diploma of Building design (Architectural) that enabled me to understand the vital role of structure and construction in our designs and learnt how to apply Australian Standards, BCA/NCC to a given project. I continued to yearn to improve my knowledge and skills through further qualified studies, hence, successfully completing Bachelor of Design Architecture. This allowed me to explore the creative possibilities of architectural design and its potential to make a positive impact on the built environment.

As a team player, I consider myself an easy going by nature, able to work alongside anyone. I enthusiastically enjoy meeting new personalities and experiencing new surroundings. By continuously challenging myself, I evolve & can share my idea and design with others. From compliments and criticism, I gain insights re where to improve my processes and thinking. I have a lot to offer across a range of perspectives in architecture, and a lot to learn. Therefore, I believe I offer a uniquely pragmatic and practical benefits to any aspiring design practice.