1.5 Degrees Manifesto

Swinburne School of Design’s Manifesto for Design-led Action towards Net Zero Emissions and Sustainability

Swinburne Design has launched a 1.5 Degrees brand and manifesto in 2020

Swinburne’s Commitment

In December 2019, Swinburne University formally committed to act urgently to:

  • Commit to 100 per cent renewable energy procurement by July 2020 
  • Be carbon neutral by 2025
  • Invest in research and engagement focused on sustainability; and
  • Provide courses relevant to the environment and sustainability across curricula, campus and 
  • community programs.

Swinburne Design’s Commitment 

In response to Swinburne’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025, the global climate emergency and the 2019 bushfire crisis, Swinburne Design has created this 1.5 Degrees manifesto where:

  • Swinburne Design is committed to design innovation and education where we provide students with more than just a degree. 
  • Our graduates rise to the challenge of solving complex problems and are part of a global design network that leads by design. 
  • We address the impact of 1.5 degrees of global warming, focusing on climate change and sustainable future design solutions in our teaching and research goals

As an engaged community of design educators, researchers, practitioners, students and administrators we are committed to:

  1. Activating, implementing, embedding and sustaining a culture of sustainability and its associated principles and practices to support our research, teaching, learning and service activities;
  2. Leading the necessary re-design and transformation of our systems for living well “on country” and protecting, preserving and regenerating our ecosystems; 
  3. Aligning our leadership, teaching and research with the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  4. Taking action towards a Net Zero Emissions future;
  5. Engaging in continual learning and reflective practice, adapting our practices as our initiatives evolve and our knowledge/experience grows;
  6. Being visible in our commitment by “walking the talk” through modelling of sustainable behaviours; and
  7. Nurturing change through trust and deeper understanding with colleagues, peers, students, community and stakeholders.

Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in our Teaching, Research through the following practices: 

  1. Travel:
    1. Minimise travel;  
    2. Use digital communication technologies wherever practicable;
    3. Use public transport, walk or cycle;
    4. Use an energy-efficient cars if no other alternatives are viable; 
    5. Purchase genuine carbon offsets if flights are necessary.
  2. Catering: make ethical choices - organic where possible; consider “food miles”; and vegan options;
  3. Reduce consumption: Less is more; 
  4. Community: Make it inclusive, social and fun;
  5. Encourage no-waste designs;
  6. Encourage students and staff to educate themselves about sustainably;
  7. Educate industry and community partners in sustainable principles and practices;
  8. Adopt systems principles and approaches across all disciplines ;
  9. Adopt life cycle thinking and practices in research and teaching, and;
  10. Continually investigate source of materials, prioritising renewable and recyclable raw materials in sustainably made products.

1.5 Degree brand creative rationale

This logo has been custom made by the team based on the concept of transformation. Our climate is transforming due to climate change and transformation in our behaviour is required to deal with the threat posed by this change.

1.5 Degree brand designed by:

1.5 Degrees Brand was designed by our very own students in the Bureau: Chasely Johnson, Eleisha Kubale, Rohan Gerrard, Michael Smith, Caitlin Iacobucci, Madeleine Merzvinskis, Sarah Hadkins and Daz Woolley. Art direction was by our very own design lecturers, Jane Connory, Andrew Haig and Shivani Tyagi.